25th Anniversary Commemorative Re-Release

Paddy Noonan's Musical Taste of Ireland
Paddy Noonan's much loved "Musical Taste of Ireland" is once again available to you. This a wonderful CD of Irish instrumental classics. It fills you with a great sense of serenity. Paddy Noonan and The Irish Light Orchestra help you to experience the soul of Ireland as never before.

    1. Maid of Castlebar/ Flowers of Edinburgh
    2. The Coulin
    3. *The March Hare
    4. Slieve Geal-an Brae
    5. Lannigan’s Ball
    6. Down by the Glenside / Foggy Dew
     7.  With My Shillelagh Under My Arm / Garden Where the Praities Grow /
          Eileen Oge / The Garryowen / Kerry Dance
     8.  Rose of Tralee / Gentle Maiden / Mountains of Mourne / Come Back to Erin
     9.  She Moved Through Fair / Dennis Murphy’s Slide
    10. My Lagan’s Love
    11. The Moving Cloud / The Dawn
    12. The Minstrel / O’Donnell Abu / Boys of Wexford / A Nation Once Again

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Paddy Noonan's Albums

Paddy's Music Featured by Artist Philip Gray

A selection of Paddy Noonan recordings have been selected by Ireland's most collected painter Philip Gray to accompany his new painting "Sounds of Erin". Each person to purchase a limited edition print will also receive a CD featuring Paddy Noonan. The recordings were selected based on the premise of supporting the mood of the painting. "Paddy is able to express through his music exactly what I felt as I painted 'Sound of Erin'" says Gray. It is the first time a collaboration between musician and painter has been marketed my Irish Artists. "I am gratified that an artist the caliber of Philip Gray selected my work to accompany his! Our two forms of art are not that different -- we both try to bring people to a place in their minds where they can be contemplative, happy, maybe even serene, but most of all capture the essence of Ireland. It has been a pleasure to work with Philip on this project."

The Sound of Erin print and CD can be purchased at select Irish shops in the U.S. The original work is presented on display at the Blackthorn Gallery at 'Tipperary at Tara - America's Irish Shop' in Brunswick NY. [Tipperary Website]



Paddy Noonan, Paddy's Best Vol. 1

Click here to listen to The Moving Cloud/The Dawn (reels) from this CD.

For many years, Paddy Noonan has ranked as America's best known and best loved player of Irish dance music. From his early days in the great ballrooms and dance halls of New York through to his grand national tours of today, Paddy has made countless numbers of dancers take to floor, and provided a musical soundtrack to Irish American life for generations.

Paddy's Best:Volume I collects some of the best instrumental tracks that Paddy has ever recorded. Whether it's familiar Irish dance music, blazing reels or aching Irish airs, Paddy's piano accordion magic speaks to every Irish music lover out there. This collection is a must for every Irish American CD collection.

  •     The Moving Cloud/The Dawn 2:12
  •     Marino Waltz 3:06
  •     Harvest Home / The Boys of Blue Hill 2:33
  •     The Coulin 2:52
  •     George Whites / Sally Gardens 2:12
  •     Cuckoo Waltz 3:30 Blue Bell Polka 2:00
  •     Buttermilk Mary / Little Maggie Ann / Miss Doherty's Fancy 2:31
  •     Down By The Glenside / The Foggy Dew 3:12
  •     Jacqueline Waltz 3:02
  •     With My Shillelagh Under My Arm / Garden Where The Praities Grow / Eileen Óg / The Garryowen / The Kerry Dances 2:59
  •     Slieve Geal-an Brae 2:22
  •     Alpine Irishman 1:59
  •     The Minstrel Boy / O'Donnell Abu / Boys of Wexford / A Nation Once Again 3:42

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         Cassette: $ 10.95
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Paddy Noonan's New Irish Dance Party

If you have ever been to a Paddy Noonan concert you know how hard it is to get near the dance floor. Paddy has called more Irish dance than any performer in American history. After 50 years playing these songs you still have to fight your way to the dance floor at a Paddy show. Great strict tempo instrumental accompaniment for ceili and set dancing from Paddy Noonan and his band.


  •     Stack of Barley
  •     Highland Fling
  •     Versa Vienna (Shoe the Donkey)
  •     Gay Gordons
  •     Sweets of May
  •     Pride of Erin (Waltz)
  •     Rakes of Mallow
  •     Siege of Ennis
  •     Old Time Waltz
  •     "Memories of City Center": Moonlight in Mayo, Old Bog Road, Slievenamon, Eileen O'Grady
  •     16 Hand Reel
  •     Haymakers Jig

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Paddy Noonan's Sing Me An Old Irish Song

Featuring vocals from Kenny McLeod, Richie O Shea and Mary Hegarty.

    Bunch of Thyme
    Hornpipe Medley
    How Are Things In Gloca Morra
    Sing Me An Old Irish Song
    Typical Irishman
    Paddy's Navy
    My Dublin Bay
    Medley of Jigs
    Four Green Fields
    Red Is The Rose

CD: $ 12.99
Cassette: $ 6.99
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Paddy Noonan's Irish Party

Featuring Marie Frances, Tommy Mulvihill, Michael O'Dea and the Paddy Noonan Band.

    On the One Road 3:25
    Boys from the County Armagh 2:36
    Boys of the Lough 1:09
    Irish Soldier Boy 2:41
    Black Velvet Band 3:50
    Stack of Barley 2:42
    Wild Colonial Boy 3:15
    Lovely Derry 2:55
    Lovely Leitrim 2:37
    Irish Reel (The Devil's Dream) 0:53
    Medley: Back to Donegal/If You're Irish/McNamara's Band 2:29
    Boys from the County Mayo 2:08
    Wild Rover 2:49
    Galway Bay 3:29
    Danny Boy 4:15
    Off to Dublin 3:03
    Medley: Irish Lullaby/A Mother's Love Is a Blessing 3:50
    Irish Soldier Laddie 2:46
    Highland Fling 0:53

CD: $ 18.99
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Paddy Noonan & Guests Feat. Andy Cooney, Echoes of Ireland

This recording introduces the lovely, an endearing young girl from Killeavy Co. Armagh, who joins Andy Cooney and Paddy Noonan to celebrate an enjoyable potpourri of Irish music and song.
This is a wonderful, up-beat recording to be enjoyed at any lively Irish gathering, and with this in mind, John Scot Trotter sums up all the fun when he sings "Wasn't That A Party".

    Take This Message To My Mother
    Tipperary On My Mind
    Marino Waltz [Paddy Noonan]
    Wasn't That A Party [John Scot Trotter]
    Little Town In Old County Down [Andy Cooney]
    Big Brass Band [Andy Cooney]
    Boys From The County Armagh
    Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland
    Susie O'Malley/Rose Of Killarney/Bridget Donohue [Andy Cooney]
    Big Strong Man/The Hills of Connemara [Andy Cooney]
    O'Brien Has No Place To Go [Ãine & Andy Cooney]
    Reels: White's/Sally Gardens/Sligo Maid/Peter Street [Paddy Noonan]

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Cassette: $ 10.99
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Paddy Noonan's Shamrock & Heather


    Reels: Speed the Plough/Donegal Highland Waltz/Kelvingrove/Bonny Dundee/Hundred Pipers
    Hornpipes: Harvest Home/Boys of Blue Hill Scotch Country Dance/Teviot Bridge/Captain White/Sea Captains Irish Waltz/Kerry Dances/Ballyjamesduff/Blarney Roses
    Reels: Music in the Glen/Bonny Kate Blue Bell Polka
    Reels: White s/Sally Gardens/Sligo Maid/Peter Street Jacqueline Waltz
    Hornpipes: Golden Eagle/Sunshine
    Jigs: Jerry s Beaver Hat/Tell Her I Am Kerry Polkas

CD: $ 9.95
Cassette: $ 6.95
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Paddy Noonan's Irish Variety Concert

Featuring Paddy Noonan, Cleo Meaney, John Scot Trotter and Seamus Greene

    Ladies Pantelets/St. Anne's Reel [Paddy Noonan Band]
    Orange and the Green [Seamus Greene]
    Roads of Kildare [Cleo Meaney & Seamus Greene]
    Mass Rock in the Glen [John Scot Trotter]
    Danny Boy [Cleo Meaney]
    Nine Penny Fiddle [Cleo Meaney]
    Little Irish Mother [John Scot Trotter]
    Dear Old Donegal [John Scot Trotter]
    Sean Dun Na nGall [Paddy Noonan]
    Doonaree [Cleo Meaney]
    Take Her In Your Arms [Seamus Greene]
    Hornpipe [Dancing by Seamus Greene]
    Money Mor [John Scot Trotter]
    Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry [Cleo Meaney]

CD: $ 14.99
Cassette: $ 10.99
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Connie Foley With The Paddy Noonan Band

This County Kerry immigrant was discovered singing at a party in Worcester, Massachusetts shortly after coming to the U.S. in 1949, and rocketed to fame in Ireland and over here. In style and material, Connie Foley bridged the gap between tenor John McCormack and the great ballad singers like the Clancy Brothers, who would emerge in the late 1950s.

    South of Garryowen
    Three Flowers
    The Castle of Dromore
    My Eileen Is Waiting for Me
    Nora Lee
    Old Skibbereen
    In Dublin's Fair City
    The Green Bushes
    My Mary of the Curling Hair
    *Down by the Tanyard Side
    The Boston Burglar
    The Lark in the Clear Air

Cassette: $ 6.99
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